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Rave Reviews


Classic comfort food. AMAZING flavor and large enough portions to be filling and still have leftovers. You can tell each item is crafted with love! Definitely a new spot for lunch with the bros.


Absolutely amazing customer service. Nice clean restaurant. Quality hearty meals with plenty of options to include the “impossible meatball option” that is gluten free and vegan. Everything tasted amazing, fresh, delicious and was healthy! Highly recommended - and love they have a rewards program. New fave!


I'm totally hooked! It's always great to see a unique option come along, and Manic Meatballs really comes through. There's a nice selection of meatballs, including an "impossible" option for the vegan/vegetarian in your life, and all are quite good. Sides are tasty, service is quick and friendly, and the restaurant itself is pleasant and clean. Highly recommend for lunch or a great take-home dinner!


Amazing food with a home cooked taste. Nice change from traditional fast food. Baked beans are the best I’ve tasted.


Even though they say Swedish meatballs, our Sons of Norway group rates them good enough for Norwegians! They catered our picnic with meatballs and all the trimmings. The cucumber salad was a big hit. They went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed for a great dinner! Mange tusen takk to both the chef and the staff! We'll order from you again! 


First time there but definitely not the last. We ordered Manic Meals. So good and satisfying. The young lady suggested Shells and Cheese. Best choice ever!!!! Ordered a small smothered fries order and it will be a pick for a sharing appetizer. Thanks for the suggestions. They will be a staple.


It's a nice break from the normal of most restaurants you come across,  it's a completely different concept and a nice breath of fresh air so to speak.  I have referred several friends there and they've all thanked me for telling them about it. It's also locally owned by a great family that was more than happy to tell us about anything we were curious about. 


The food was banging and inexpensive. Went for lunch haven't eaten anything else the rest of the day. This is a great option to have on a street full of fast food. Drive by all those and pay them a visit. Your belly will thank you.


This place is amazing, every thing that I've tried on the menu is next level.   

Julie B

I've lived here since 2016. I've never been truly over impressed with any restaurant we've eaten at, but this place is AWESOME!!!! I WOULD EAT HERE EVERYDAY GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️